Hungry Days…

Some days I am hungrier than others. Today is a hungry kind of day. I don’t know why, but it just is. I started the day making pancakes, and I ate them and then I went back for seconds. That was not very helpful. Now I have that too full feeling and I’m trying to understand the behavior. Why’d I do that?

Maybe I am just hungry today. Maybe it’s because I have not had homemade pancakes in a long time. Maybe by making them I was reminded of a time when I didn’t have the same perspective on food as I do now. Maybe it’s some other reason I haven’t uncovered yet. Either way, the most important decision I have to make is the next one. Do I keep snacking and eating as if none of this already happened?

The answer is “No.” Instead, I want to make myself be present in this moment and deal with whatever feelings come next. I am self-aware and I can decide what to do next. Today is going to be a good day even though I had a slip up.

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