Renewal and Transformation…

My husband is a painting contractor. Whenever I watch him work I am witness to an experienced craftsman. He is so nimble so skilled he can take what was once old, and make it seem brand new. I think about the people who will live in these spaces, and how his careful work will shape their house into the home they imagined. The home, that will hold their family. Then without hardly any notice he packs up his brushes and tools, his drops, and his lights into tidy bundles and is gone leaving something of value behind.

There are so many ways to make an impact in this life. For better or for worse our actions have the capacity to change the world and each other. And maybe, it’s the changing seasons from winter to spring but I am thinking deeply about renewal and transformation. The world will always be in a state of flux and so we will always be changing too. How are we supposed to manage this? If change is inevitable what is steady and true in this life? What can we count on?

We can count on ourselves and each other. We can count on the rhythmic patterns that trace a path through our lives. I am learning to appreciate the inherent beauty in this truth. Understanding that there will always be a wavy path, there will be challenges and celebrations; boredom and excitement; fear and safety and so it goes. Knowing this, helps to frame a better perspective of my weight loss journey.

Mockingbird Song

There is no one solution. There is no rigid rule. There is only mindful presence and a promise to honor your “why” for improving your health. The thing of value, the thing you are becoming more skilled at, the thing that you are working on is yourself. Happy Spring.

Naming and Knowing…

Dinner was delicious tonight, we ate little shell pasta with some mild sausage, homemade sauce, with melted mozzarella cheese. My husband made his famous garlic bread which was warm and crispy from the oven. Yum…

The truth is as soon as I was done eating, I wanted more. So I said (out loud to myself in my dining room), “I want to eat more of this but I’m not really hungry any more, I just like the taste of it and the shell pasta is a comfort food. ” Then I left myself linger with the taste of the food I just ate thinking about how good it was to eat. Something amazing happened, by naming the craving and knowing why I was craving it was enough for me tonight. It released me from the call of second helpings.. That’s a lot of growth for me.

I am enough, I can do this. I believe in me. My wish is that you believe in you and that together we all continue to become more present and intentional about our choices.