Monday Madness…

Some Mondays are mundane, some are as predictable as clockwork, but today was pure madness. Today was an intense, I was busy from the moment I hung my coat to the last announcements. Then I stayed after work to help a colleague with her lesson planning. After that I had the pleasure of my long commute home. Lots of traffic that came to a crawl because of a minor accident. No sooner did I pull into the driveway, I had to turn around and drive my son to Nokado. I got home, again, and it was time to start writing.

What about dinner? My husband took care of that when he came home with a pizza but one slice of pizza wasn’t going to do it for me. Instead, I had a hot dog and and a knish (12 SmartPoints). I also ate a 1/2 cup of fat free yogurt mixed with 2 tablespoons of Sugar Free Hershey’s Syrup and a spray of Fat-Free Reddi-Wip (1 SmartPoints) and that satisfied my sweet tooth. Today, I am rolling over 4 SmartPoints so that will bring me up to 11 Weeklies by tomorrow.

Right now, the thing I’m looking forward to the most is my nighttime routine and getting a good night’s sleep. I think this week’s goal to mindfully practice my nighttime routines is really helping me to feel better. I am keeping up with drinking water and I am in for spin class tomorrow. I think the spin class will help my energy levels for the day.

In keeping with my MONDAY theme, and just for fun, I’m going to revisit some more carefree days and let the Bangles have the last word…

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