Changing It Up…

Part of making weight loss and adopting a healthy lifestyle last is knowing how to change things up. I went to the movies tonight, instead of popcorn I ate grapes, instead of candy – 1/3 cup of pistachios. It’s not that I am not “allowed” popcorn or candy it’s more that I am electing not eat them. I really enjoy grapes and pistachios and I am happier because I can manage the points better.

I saw Captain Marvel tonight. It was not only a whole lot of fun but it was also offered up great messages about beliefs and what to do right after failure. I can’t stop thinking about Stan Lee and how he was able to create these characters that so many of us love. I do love science fiction but what is the appeal of these movies to all of us? In the end I think we are all rooting for the good to win out over the bad.

I had a great WW workshop today. We talked about goals. For me, setting goals is a big part of me showing up and being the best I can be. I do tend to set goals that are doable, goals that push me in the right direction, goals that help me to understand that I am changing over time. The other part of keeping up with my goals is learning to trust and believe that I can do this. Telling myself, “I can do this.” and “I am enough.” help.

So, if you are unsure if you can do this, start small and start from a position of strength. Ask yourself, “What do I really enjoy?” Then think about ways to leverage that into a doable small goal. One that will lead to positive changes. Then keep going with your end destination in mind. That was the thinking that got me to where I am now: maintaining my weight loss, feeling so much more energetic and confident, wearing clothes that I love. So keep at it and I will too – together we can do this.

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