I was in NYC today attending a conference at Columbia University. I was feeling so proud of being able to lead my colleagues through the subway system. Then, all of a sudden, on the way, I saw a second grader board the train. He was all by himself! That put some things into perspective for me. This was a big deal for me, but it was commonplace for him. I stood there in awe of this child doing his thing, off to school in the morning – it’s just another day in his life.

What is normal? Leading my colleagues on the subway was a big deal for me because I was stepping out of my comfort zone. Does my accomplishment mean less now that I saw a child doing the exact same thing? No, I don’t think so. I think the important take away here is that the most important thing is to keep growing and improving. My life isn’t a competition to be better than everyone else. It’s a challenge to be better than myself.

When it comes to weight loss, fitness, or health-related goals I think it’s very important to focus on everything that I’m doing to improve the quality of my life, while encouraging and supporting others in the same pursuit. There will always be other people who are healthier, more fit, and better informed than I currently am. I want to be part of what is good. If I make my journey a comparison to everyone else, I might be in danger of feeling inadequate instead of empowered. Maybe jealous instead of inspired and what a shame that would be. I’d be missing out on the best part being a witness to the accomplishments of others, admiring their strengths, and getting a glimpse of their stories.


I read this book, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, a while back. It was an interesting read that attempted to explain the nature of creativity. I’ve been thinking about what it takes to live a creative life.

There are all kinds of ways to be creative but all of them stem back to some kind of vision of what you want to do or to share or to be or to contribute. In some ways, I think about my weight loss journey as a testimony to my creative spirit. I have created a new reality for myself. I imagined what I wanted and began setting goals to bring it to fruition.

I guess my message to you is to do all that you can to be your most authentic self. Indulge your inner creativity and work on something that will bring you joy. More tomorrow.