There is this great feeling of satisfaction when I achieve a small goal. Small goals really help so much because they are doable and they all add up. Small goals help me to feel so much more confident about what I’m doing. I wanted to roll over 4 points today and I did!

Want some free unsolicited advice? I think it’s important to build yourself up not beat yourself up. Changing my lifestyle was not an easy undertaking. I have some stubborn habits and stress reactions that are not helpful when it comes to either weight loss or maintenance. Sometimes my choices set me back and I’m learning to just let it go when that happens. A bad day doesn’t mean I’m going to revert back to all those unhealthy habits. Just as a good day doesn’t mean I’m totally in control.

I’m starting to think there will always be an ebb and flow to living my life on maintenance. I realize that may sound obvious. However, accepting that intellectually is very different than real life consequences of the thing. I am going to be a work in progress forever. Really though, if we are lucky, aren’t we all?

Super Bowl…

What is it about the Super Bowl? It’s as much about the snacks and food as it is the game I was mindful of my portion sizes and snacked only on the things I wanted. I kept it together and didn’t go out for ice cream. These are the day-to-day choices that are making it possible for me to maintain weight loss. Honestly, it drives me crazy that it’s still so difficult to keep it together sometimes.

Old habits are there and they never seem to go away. I don’t want you to think that it’s not worth the effort, because it really is worth it. I feel very healthy, I can move easily and I have a lot of energy. I have my “why” it’s here right now. I don’t have to wish for it, I have it. It wasn’t given to me it was something I had to get for myself. Plus, now I have all these new habits and I can lean into those so I can manage the old ones.

The thing is I want to progress and keep building momentum. I’d like to lose four pounds. I think the best way for me to do that is to follow the WW program. I had a goal to stay in my healthy eating zone for the full month of February. I didn’t keep that goal close enough today because I exceeded my healthy zone. So, I’m just going to have to revise it. Instead, I’m going to try to roll over four points tomorrow. It’s a fresh start and it will help put me back on track. I’m going to keep my goals small and assess them from day-to-day.

Maybe I should focus on loving myself enough to overcome my old habits.

My parting words… I’m going to keep working on my mindset. Even when I make choices that don’t help me out with my goals I’m going to be accountable and track them. I’m going to be more strategic with my food choices. Of course, I will track and measure, and I’m going to keep finding ways to fit in activity that I enjoy. These are things I can control.