I believe in the power of a well-positioned open-ended question to make huge impacts on people and the world around us. Questions, are there to make us wonder, pursue, and to change.

A question is there to change you.

Questions, help to organize the categories of the things we don’t yet know. I guess I’m thinking about questions because I love them. Every big thing I’ve ever done begun with a question. The catalyst for my weight loss journey was the question, “What do I really want?” Answering this question is how I discovered my why. Knowing why I wanted to do this was the thing that has given me the strength to keep going. It seems silly, but my why, is the thing that makes me shut the chip clip on the bag and walk away. Every little choice is my way of inching forward.


From Harlem to Brooklyn and back home again. I finished my coaching institute at Teachers College and I feel exhausted. My mind is very full and I am inspired to apply all that I’ve learned. However, for now, the only place I really want to go is to bed. Happy in the knowledge that today was another day within my healthy eating zone.

My food choices were right on. I got an immense amount of activity in – I walked all over Brooklyn today. I weighed and measured my dinner portions and that feels really good. I am signed up for 5:15 am spin and I’m trying to convince myself to go. It’s not that I’m not still loving spin – I am. However, we are in the Polar Vortex and the current temperature feels like -.10* which is crazy! Yes, I know that sounds balmy to my friends in the midwest. I have no idea how everyone in that part of the country hasn’t lost their minds. So I have from now until I get into pajamas to make up my mind about spin.

Thank you for all the encouragement and support while I was away. I appreciate it a great deal.