It was a new day and I did say yes to a fresh start. Today, was a blue dot day! I am within my healthy eating zone, and I feel the rhythm of my new habits overtaking my old ones. This is not to say those old habits are banished; unfortunately, they remain intact. Those old habits are in my brain and will certainly show themselves again and again as I strive to live my life on Maintenance. However, I do think I have uncovered a pattern.

There was a big difference between yesterday and today…

Yesterday, was particularly stressful. Somethings were happening to me that felt out of my control and I think that was driving my desire to eat. Control is the culprit. When I feel a lack of it my natural predisposition is to cycle back into losing it with food.

Today, was very empowering! It seemed as though all the big things I had to do worked out for me. My teaching, the way I navigated the city (thanks to my new friend Jamie), connecting with people – all of it went as I had hoped. I felt more flexible and was not tempted to overeat.

I think I set the tone for today at breakfast. While I was waiting for breakfast, I was scrolling through Facebook and I received a message in one of my WW groups that really inspired me. A friend of mine connected with yesterday’s post and shared her struggle with me. Thank you, Emily, you made an impact. That connectedness helped me so much to know I am not alone. While I might have different reasons, the struggle to stay on the healthy path is real.

The struggle is real but it’s not forever. Having the perseverance to continue to reflect and examine my choices and identify patterns is helping me to stay on track. Knowing that it will always be what happens next is the most important thing also helps. Even more than that it’s the connections I make with others that helps me to embrace a growth mindset. I am part of a group of like-minded others who also want to live a healthy life. That really is something important.

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