Scrolling through Facebook, marking up photos and memes with hearts and thumbs up. Tweeting links for a post I wrote. Sharing ridiculous videos of dogs and cute babies. While all of this is somewhat amusing, it is really just a waste of my time.

I’m avoiding doing that next item on a long list of things. The more I play around online the less I want to get to doing the things that need to get done. Can you relate?

I’m weighing in tomorrow and this was a challenging week that ended on a low note for me. In the past, I probably would have made myself a fun evening snack and munched away my troubles by getting lost in some show or movie. While I may not be the most cheerful person at the moment, I am grateful that I am not avoiding my emotions by eating (bad enough I’m avoiding tasks).

I guess there is always something positive to think about. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

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