Scrolling through Facebook, marking up photos and memes with hearts and thumbs up. Tweeting links for a post I wrote. Sharing ridiculous videos of dogs and cute babies. While all of this is somewhat amusing, it is really just a waste of my time.

I’m avoiding doing that next item on a long list of things. The more I play around online the less I want to get to doing the things that need to get done. Can you relate?

I’m weighing in tomorrow and this was a challenging week that ended on a low note for me. In the past, I probably would have made myself a fun evening snack and munched away my troubles by getting lost in some show or movie. While I may not be the most cheerful person at the moment, I am grateful that I am not avoiding my emotions by eating (bad enough I’m avoiding tasks).

I guess there is always something positive to think about. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.


Discipline begins by saying “Yes” to one important goal. Then it is quickly followed by a series of “No’s” to the myriad of distractions and temptations that are sure to follow. This is especially true when a goal is tied to weight loss.

Here are some tips that are helping me to stay disciplined so I can keep at this…

  • Don’t make things harder than they need to be!Keep out “trigger” foods. Give the best kitchen real estate to healthier options.
  • Don’t get too hungry! Pay attention to internal and external hunger cues! Know the difference and act accordingly.
  • Be proactive, get to know your basal ganglia! This the part of the brain that tied into emotions and memories. This is the hot spot for forming new habits.  
  • Be kind and generous – embrace the process! Plan in rewards for all the hard work, and give yourself a break when things don’t go so well. This is a lifestyle change not a quick fix.

Why take the time to write all this down? Writing all this down helps me because I feel as though I am writing my own success story. It’s as if I am imagining a better way of approaching weight loss, and then planning for the real actions I can take to make it happen. There is some special kind of permanence that goes with writing something down. It feels like making a promise each time I write a post. It is as if I am saying, this is what I believe and this is what I’m planning to do. Here is how it went, and this is what I’m going to do next.

I like to believe that maybe some of the ideas I share here will be helpful to someone else. I am a writer and a writer is always searching for others to connect with. I want to be part of a triumphant story – one that is shared. One that inspires me and is inspired by the lives of others. I want to celebrate that connectedness I feel with so many other people.

Life is a journey, and I want to travel the road with others who share my passion for it. We are amazing. We can do this even though it’s hard. Maybe… especially because it is hard. So say yes with me, yes to discipline and yes to joy. Say yes to what you really want.