I went to spin class and the thing that’s funny about that is that it was a Pulse class. A Pulse class shows your heart rate up on a shared screen and everyone can see how they are doing in relations to the group. Usually, it’s pretty anonymous – not today. Today I was up on the board with only two other people. Since there were so few people who opted to participate the instructor kept encouraging me and so did all the other people. In the end, I had a great workout and now I’m feeling very accomplished.

I reached my goal and it’s only Monday!

Then I came home and made a delicious breakfast. I think one of the reasons that WW works so well for everyone (who follows the program) is because I am eating real food. I’m learning how to manage portion sizes, and I’m being intentional about eating a balanced diet. For anything to work for me it has to teach and support my efforts – that’s why I am loyal to WW.

4 SmartPoints

Just like that… the sugar cravings are gone. I think pushing through last night was really important. Weight loss is so full of challenges, and I think that’s why so many people quit. Who can blame them? This can be so frustrating! There are times when this journey can just make me want to put my head down and wait it out. Then there are days like today where everything seems to be coming together. So strange.

Please don’t feel discouraged if it’s not going that well, say something kind and acknowledge your efforts. This can be an emotional journey and it’s so hard to want something and have to wait so long to get it. I really understand.

One last thing – here is a product that can help you along. This is amazing bread at just 1 SmartPoint per serving:

Amazing bread I don’t know how they do it!