Christmas came on in a big way. There were lots of gifts, laughs, and (of course) food. In the esteemed tradition of Bob Cratchit, I made rather merry and pretty much ate and drank whatever I wanted.

Tomorrow will be the decider – how I bounce back from holiday eating, will be a real indicator on my path to maintaining my goal weight. The good thing about taking a while to achieve weight loss is that all that time provides repeated practice and experience. That time is like a teacher that helps good habits to take root.

The big take away – the journey goes on regardless of Lifetime status. Achieving this is a big deal to me and it does help to know that I could do it but it’s not really done. They call it “Maintenance” for a reason – maintaining my weight loss over time is my next goal.

Time escapes us, and the thing I keep thinking about is to appreciate each day and to be grateful for each other. So looking back on Christmas 2018 – it was a great one for the books.

Remember the past, and plan for the future but treasure today.

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