Day Nineteen…

There is no point friendly version of those mushrooms that are my featured image. They were the best stuffed- mushrooms I’ve ever made. It’s late, and I truly have that “Thanksgiving” feeling. It was a splendid holiday with the family…

I am on the road to maintenance but in the meantime, holidays and family events are going to happen. Being a part of these occasions will mean that I will be eating traditional foods that are not great options. I decided to pick and choose what I would eat. So, I didn’t have the cinnamon buns this morning because I knew I’d want dessert tonight.

I did this with the full understanding that tomorrow is not an extension of today. The holiday is over, and now I’m scheduled for 8:15 am spin and returning to all the habits that have helped me to lose the weight. I am looking forward to food shopping and my cut up vegetables and fruit. These are the staples that help me to make better choices when I’m hungry.

I am truly thankful for all the love and support people have shown me along the way. There are so many people who are both inspiring and encouraging.  As I close out this post for Thanksgiving 2018, I am left with only feelings of gratitude and love.  Happy Thanksgiving.


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