Day Four Hundred Twenty-One…

Happy Halloween…

I actually rolled over points! I did not eat all the candy you see in the picture. I had the little box of Milk Duds and a lollypop. The rest of it I put back. This is one tricky week to try to reach goal!

It’s a family tradition to watch Meet Me In St. Lois on Halloween. I just love the costumes, the music, and of course a young Judy Garland in the lead role. I’m really proud of myself for not indulging in the candy. It was hard to stop after eating the pop and the Milk Duds. That’s a victory for sure.

2 thoughts on “Day Four Hundred Twenty-One…

  1. That’s a nice tradition to watch a great movie. (We settled down with veges and hummus and watched My Cousin Vinny after I indulged in a mini Twix and a mini bag of M&Ms. But it’s OK because I planned for it.) Congratulations on your victory!

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