Day Four Hundred-Four…

I’m in day three of my week (according to WW) and I am determined to get closer to goal this time around:

  1. My breakfast and lunch are packed and tracked for tomorrow.
  2. Tracking all my foods – check!
  3. “Jennifer, you are doing great!”
  4. I’m eating flounder, vegetable patties, rainbow carrots, and dark chocolate.
  5. Building a meal around a higher SmartPoint value with zero point foods – check!
  6. On target with my activity goal (I go to spin tomorrow morning).
  7. Does blogging count? I am sharing how I feel through my posts.
  8. Driving home, I was thinking about how I had started a habit of saving a portion of my lunch and snacking on it in the car. I don’t know if this is good or bad I’m just aware of it.
  9. Saturday I looked forward to my new candle. Sunday I looked forward to getting my eyebrows done. Monday hands down pajamas 🙂
  10. Beauty: I think my featured image is a beautiful display.  Over the weekend I cleaned my curio and now I’m enjoying looking at it.

This is a journey of self-reflection, determination, and most of all kindness. Losing weight, changing how I deal with food, and finding time to get active is all challenging. This is especially true when life is so busy.  I’m worth the effort and if this is a goal you want for yourself you are worth the effort too.

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