Day Three Hundred Ninety-Three…

I am still getting used to my body. I am wearing a size medium or small in dresses and shirts and a size six or four in pants and jeans. Sometimes when I look down I at myself, I do recognize who I see. Today I was able to walk around someone easily with room to spare and that still blows me away! I feel more confident and so much more energetic. Being this close to goal is an amazing feeling.

Since I begin this journey in earnest I have been very connected to my “why”.  My “why” has entered my thoughts daily throughout this process. Now things are a little different. Different because my “why”, what I imagined for myself, has come to fruition. I am living in the body I wanted to have. I don’t think my next “why” can only be about keeping this body. I think it has to be about something more than that.


I want my motivation for living a healthy lifestyle to come from a generous place that makes my life about what is next instead of just trying to hold on. The reward for this body is about living and moving with ease. It’s about feeling strong and confident.  It is about a path to growth and self-awarenesses. My next “why” may have something to do with making a plan to face the hard stuff that I always try to avoid or hide from.

On that note, I am also thinking about what I will share when I do finally reach goal. I am a believer in the power that words possess to change us. I am indebted to my family, my Saturday Morning friends, and all my virtual friendships.  All of these people have been messengers of hope, inspiration, and wisdom. So, more to come on this one.

I hope you had a good day on plan. If you didn’t don’t wait to start again, think it through and get your bearings. Think about what it is you really want to believe about yourself. I believe you can do this.

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