Day Three Hundred Eighty-Six…

I am rolling over one point and I am happy about it. I made a conscious decision to say no to some foods and yes to others. To anyone who does not understand what it’s like to have to lose weight, it must be hard to understand the power of that statement. It has been over a year since I began my weight loss journey in earnest and I am still very challenged some days to stay on plan.

This is no joke. Losing weight, maintaining weight loss, and finding ways to build myself up as I went through this process.  During this time, I have experienced a lot of joy, a deeper appreciation for beauty, and a greater sense of my personal strength. In my past, the goal of weight loss had become so far away that it shook my personal conviction that I could really do this. I saw myself getting older, and being unhealthy, and living as a lesser version of myself.  I, like so many, have a lot of serious health issues in my family history and I certainly am better off being 91.6 pounds lighter.

If you’re on the fence, or if it just seems too impossible to begin a weight loss plan; pause, take a timeout. Answer this question, “Why do I want to lose weight?” When you have that answer, ask this question, “What are my expectations?”  Be honest because that is the seed that will help the process grow.

I hope my words today leave you feeling inspired, hopeful, and thoughtful. Know that I believe you are worth the effort. You are an important person who deserves to live life in the body of your choice. I believe this for you because I believe this for me.

Autumn 2018
Fall is on the way.


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