Day Three Hundred Sixty-One…

I stayed the same I didn’t gain or lose an ounce, and that’s ok. I feel just fine about it. I am officially 3.2 pounds away from goal. September will most likely be the month I reach “goal” and that is an amazing place to be.


DAY 30: Recognize things that make you happy and cultivate happiness. Write a list of these things and keep it somewhere you can see it regularly. Make a pact with yourself to do at least one of these things once a day. This will help keep the focus on you that you had during the past 30 days.

  1. Spending time with my family. (Cooking with Hayley, Playing chess with David, Talking with Kristina. Going to the beach with my husband, Shopping with Virginia).
  2. Spending time with my friends. (this includes my Weight Watcher meeting on Saturday mornings!)
  3. Going on walks with my dog.
  4. Going to spin class.
  5. Yoga
  6. Taking pictures.
  7. Reading.
  8. Watching movies.
  9. Shopping for new clothes (never thought I’d write that)
  10. Writing.