Day Three Hundred Fifty-Nine…

I had a great first “official” day back. I got lots of compliments from co-workers and that was fun for me. This post will be pretty short because I am feeling exhausted.  I didn’t eat the pizza lunch. Instead, I ate the food I brought from home and I didn’t feel like I missed out – that’s a big victory.  I also went to spin class at 5:15 am and I”m proud of that too. What did you do for yourself today? If you can’t answer that question, it’s never too late. Do something right now that would bring you happiness. You deserve it.


DAY 28: Make more time for friends and family. Today, call a friend or a family member just to chat. Try to do this everyday this week.

It was my first “official” day back to work, so finding time for friends (other than my work friends) is a difficult proposition. I did take the time to be with family though. My daughter and I had some laughs watching a B movie, and my son ran an errand with me to pick up my other daughter from work. I will actively try to do this more.