Day Three Hundred Fifty-Seven…

If you’re wondering why today is being counted as 357, it is because I realized I made an error in the recordings of the journeys around day number 319. So, today is the real “357” there are 8 days left until it’s been a year of me blogging every day.  I think that’s a huge victory. Taking this time every day for self-reflection, to indulge my curiosity about health and well-being, and to try to connect with others is a really important accomplishment for me. I credit a lot of my success on this journey to writing about it every day. I don’t think I’m overstating it when I say, writing is saving my life.


Today is going to be a big work day and I plan on making vegetable soup. A nice bowl of vegetable soup is just what I need to take good care of myself. Now that Canelli beans are zero points, I can add those into the soup. Then, I’ll puree mixture of vegetables and beans and add it back into the soup.  This will give the soup a creamy texture, without adding dairy. I might add a potato too I know that adds points but it’s worth it. I didn’t gain 89.2 pounds for adding a potato to my vegetable soup. Another nice benefit of making soup, everyone loves it and it’s so healthy.


I have to thank Weight Watchers for adding Headspace to the app.  This is a fantastic addition to the suite of services Weight Watchers offers members. Practicing mindfulness is an area where I could grow. I know this because I created a self-assessment to help myself reflect on the journey. If you’re not a Weight Watcher member, go the website, and check it out. You can sign up for free.


DAY 26: Put some music on and do whatever feels right—dancing, lying with your eyes closed, or singing along.

I’m looking forward to this. I enjoy music. It definitely helps to lighten the mood.  Music may find it’s way into my soup making, or perhaps if I take Sadie out for a walk.

2 thoughts on “Day Three Hundred Fifty-Seven…

    1. Carrots, onion, garlic and celery. Then I added in turnip, and parsnip. After that I added in a red potato, a big leek, and cannellini beans, dill and parsley. I reserved some beans to the side. Later, hen the vegetables were soft, I added them to the beans with some broth in a separate bowl and with my immersion blender whipped them until creamy. I added them back into the soup and that’s how it got that creamy appearance. It’s so good, I do count points for it because the parsnip and the potato have points. I only charge myself 1/2 smartpoints for a serving. .


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