Day Three Hundred Fifty-One…

Thinking back to when Day Fifty was a huge accomplishment. I remember where I was and what I was doing as I wrote that post.  That was three hundred four days ago! Crazy. I think having a goal like blogging every day an important part of my success story. It grounds me and gives me something to work towards. It makes me feel connected to myself and the world around me while helping me to think through my thoughts and feelings.  Really, it just feels like the right thing for me to do to help myself.

Knowing yourself is part of a weight loss journey. What do you want? What do you need? How can you help yourself? These are important questions to be able to answer. I want to reach my weight loss goals. I need to do it in a way that’s sustainable. I can help myself by writing, planning, and learning more. I know this sounds simple but it’s taken me a long time to figure this out. Maybe that is not right. Maybe I didn’t believe my rational mind before that this, new lifestyle, was even possible for someone like me.  Every time I feel the muscle in my shoulder it’s hard for me to believe. For my whole life, I thought the “shapely arm” was something I could never have. Now I see that was a false belief.

Another good question, am I holding onto any false beliefs about myself? Take a few minutes to reflect on yourself, find out what you learn.


DAY 21: You took a very big step toward taking care of yourself—you joined Weight Watchers and you’re worth it. Now let’s see what next small step we can take for ourselves. Make a small goal about doing something for yourself, such as making time for something you love, so you can focus on all the great things you are doing for yourself in the program.

I don’t know what new goal to take on. For now, I’m happy with the writing, yoga, and spin classes. I do enjoy cooking with my daughter, Maybe we could do something together that would promote healthy eating for everyone in our house.

Day Three Hundred Fifty…

It’s late. I am going to share a list of things I am grateful for:

  1. My son saw that I was working the day away, sat down next to me and lent a hand. Then he made me a cup of tea.
  2. Later, my daughter saw me at my post behind the computer screen, bought me a seltzer and helped me with my work for a while too.
  3. My husband encouraged me to keep going and did all the other things that have to be done when you have a house and family.
  4. I cooked a healthy dinner and we ate together.
  5. I met my first deadline.


AY 20: Positive self-talk is a very important part of this journey. Speak to yourself as you would a loved one. You would not reprimand the person for gaining weight one week or not tracking the weekend. Concentrate on complimenting yourself today.

I am happy to say that the habits I’ve developed over these past 353 days have helped me to avoid these kinds of slip-ups. Yes, I have gained some weeks but that’s just the body – I can’t control that and I’m ok with it. I’ve said it before, my body doesn’t know it has to perform because it’s Saturday morning at 8:15 am. I can compliment my perseverance.  Even though these past days have been extremely challenging I have not given up. I’m proud of myself for sticking it out even though it’s hard. More tomorrow.