Day Three Hundred Forty-Nine…

Today was grueling. So much work and I’m not close to being done.  I feel like I’m barely holding on and that’s the truth. Non-Scale Victory, I did not turn to food. I stayed in my healthy eating zone. I cooked a healthy dinner and I took a 20-minute nap to rest when I needed it – listening to my body is another Non-Scale Victory. Go me!


DAY 19: Journal something positive to look back on those “off” days we have.

It’s late so this post is going to be shorter than most. I can journal this: Today was really hard. I’m doing the work that a team of people would be doing only I’m doing it by myself with deadlines looming. I didn’t give up. I didn’t try to avoid the work. I am very proud of myself for persevering. Even if this week is not a great one for the scale, I can be assured that I am on the right track when it comes to weight loss and better health. This journey has taught me to endure and to thrive. That’s a good lesson that is helping me in other parts of my life. Thank you for reading.