Day Three Hundred Forty-Seven…

There are so many reasons I am glad I’m a member of Weight Watchers. Learning their methods, extending my education, but mostly I love Weight Watchers because of the people. Today my leader, Bonnie, said, “You’re not going to the get tusche you want by sitting on the tusche you have.”  Funny and true! I lost another pound this week, making my total weight loss, 88.2 pounds. I did my waist to hip ration this morning and I am in the moderate risk zone and getting closer to low risk. I have been eating 17 out of 18 days in the healthy eating zone. I’m living the plan and changing my life.


We are going to a party today to celebrate my nephew’s graduation from college. He is a bonafide engineer! Woohoo! This is a reason to party.  We are all so proud of him. I have saved my points for the occasion. After Weight Watchers, I came home and made a zero point breakfast that I enjoyed thoroughly. I made my Macaroni and Cheese (thanks to my mother-in-law Dottie who gave me that recipe all those years ago) that all the men in my life love. I can’t even imagine what the points would be. I will have a little because it is very good, but just a little. I’ll look up mac and cheese in my app and whatever it says I’ll count it for. I will have some wine or sangria (or both). I plan on playing whatever games are set up and talking to everyone.

I’m not sure what I’ll wear, but it is so nice to have choices.  While my son was at Nokado I went to TJ Maxx and tried on a bunch of clothes. I really loved three tops, but money is tight and I hung them up and left the store. The NSV victory? Everything I tried on fit and looked good (the three tops looked really amazing) and everything was a size small. I can’t even believe that – I still can’t believe I am now.

I am coming up fast on my year anniversary of blogging every day. I am so grateful I took control over my health and made these changes.  Change one thing, make a vow to do one thing and so many other things follow. If you are on this journey like me, believe you can do it. Pick one thing to change and dedicate yourself to that change. You’ll be amazed.


DAY 17: You’re a little more than half-done. Reflect on your accomplishments—both big and small—since you started this challenge.

This is a rewarding challenge to participate in because it is like a kind voice reminding me to honor my accomplishments every day. Doing the selfie and looking at my smile made me see my mother’s smile and that was a beautiful gift. Decluttering the shelf on my closet is forcing me to get rid of clothes that no longer fit me. Naming foods that are worthy of me is an interesting way to think about my relationship with food. Jotting down 5 things I was grateful for was nice – and I wrote it in my planner. Then one day while sitting in a stressful meeting I happened upon it and I felt better.  Even if you’re not a Weight Watcher, do the challenge it will make you feel good about you. I believe you’re fantastic and you deserve to feel good about yourself. 🙂

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