Day Three Hundred Forty-Six…


DAY 16: Find the gift in the day. It could be seeing a rare bird or a deer on a walk, or having an easy, fun-loving day with your kids.

I’m about to begin working and I’m afraid that I won’t get everything I need to get done – done. So the idea of looking for gifts today will be challenging. I guess that’s why this is called the #SelfLoveChallenge. I keep asking myself, what am I supposed to be learning here? Why are things so difficult for me right now?  Then I think, well that kind of stupid because life is difficult for all of us, it’s just my turn. That helps a little, it’s not personal it’s just a being a human thing.

So being an overwhelmed human who is trying to save herself from drowning, I think it’s time to think about healthy habits. In terms of weight loss, and better health, I am eating fresh strawberries (very sweet and delicious) with my favorite Greek yogurt (Fage). Later, I’m going to practice yoga in my living room using one of the DVDs that my friend Rose gave me. Do I have time for that? I am going to make time. I’ll use it as a “carrot” to keep me going when I want to stop working.

The other day I was venting on #Connect about how hard it is to deal with stress directly now that I won’t turn to food as an escape. Yup, I certainly have done that to myself. A fellow “Connector?” (is that what we call ourselves?) told me she is reading, The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg. I know his work (search my blog for Habit Loop if you want to read more) but I haven’t read his book. I went down to my local library and reserved a copy (all of them are out which is a good sign).  Another “Connector” told me that she also used food as an escape and in time, I would learn new strategies for stress. Smart woman.

Why am I telling you all this? I think now that I’m figuring out how to manage my health better, I can start working on other aspects of my life. So in an effort to think of a more useful strategy, I am going to make a list with times parameters. Maybe this will help. I hope it does:  I’ll let you know.

I don’t want my last words for today to be about stress, work, and habits. So instead, let me share a little gift with you her name is Oliva. She is my niece, and she is delightful. A generous warm-hearted spirit who has a knack of making people smile. We have a little thing where when I see something whimsical, funny, or artistic I forward them to her on Facebook.   Here are some fun pictures of puffins Ralf Fletcher posted on Instagram.  She loved them. I think they make the world seem a little lighter …


2 thoughts on “Day Three Hundred Forty-Six…

  1. Many thanks for the pictures of the puffins! Birds make my heart take flight! They are so magnificent – if you haven’t read “Mozart’s Starling” you must! A journey of discovery into the incredible intelligence of our winged friends!

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