Day Three Hundred Forty…

On autopilot, I started to write “It was a good week on the scale.” It was, but really, that’s not a good way to think about my progress. If this is really about a lifestyle change it’s a great week, if I’m continuing to develop healthy habits. Then I think, well I do want to lose weight, and I would like to stop paying my monthly bill to Weight Watchers. Actually, it is worth every penny, I would recommend this program to anyone. It does work.

Maybe, both are true and the thing I should be wary of is being on autopilot. I don’t learn new things on autopilot. Complacency does not inspire me to make a change. When I decided I wanted to change my relationship with food, I had to go all in and that’s the definition of a good week.  I’m all in. I can do this and I can do this. The question you might want to consider asking (really for anything you want to accomplish in life) is are you all in? The only way I think you answer that is by having clarity as for your why.

I think my why is starting to shift. My why was to recapture the energy I had when I was younger. I’ve done that I have my energy back. I feel lighter, it’s easier to move and to be in the world just like it was when I was a kid. I am so grateful for that I’m able to feel this way again. Now my why is becoming more about how to maintain it while getting stronger.

AUGUST 11.png


DAY 11: Reflect on how far you’ve come and what you’re capable of. Consider this: every two-tenth of a pound you lose, equals a stick of butter off your body.

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