Day Three Hundred Thirty-Nine…

Making a behavior change is like learning a new dance step. Af first you have to really concentrate, but eventually, you can let the rhythm of the music guide you.  It’s the day before weigh-in and I know that I couldn’t have made better choices this week.  I’m not at goal yet and that’s ok. I know in my heart it’s not going to be too much longer. I have all my energy back, and I feel years younger. The truth is the only person who will (most likely) see the difference between me now and me at goal is – me.

The beat goes on and tomorrow I will take my measurements to see if my Waist to Hip Ratio (see Tips & Tools for the chart) has changed. That, more so than the scale is the number that will decide when I reach my goal. Unfortunately, I have a family history of heart disease and I want to do everything I can to stay healthy for as long as possible.


Never doubt that you can accomplish your goals. It might take more time than you anticipated. At times, reaching a goal might take more effort than you think you can muster, and that’s when you have to dig in and push through it. When you feel that way just try asking yourself two important questions, “What if I don’t give up this time? What would accomplishing this goal do for me?” The answers to those questions will shape your future.


DAY 10: Take a selfie and focus on your smile. Consider posting it to Connect with the hashtag #selflovechallenge.

This is me. When I look at my smile I see mom. I love that about myself.

Day Three Hundred Thirty-Eight…

I caught myself in the mirror today and I had a moment where I was surprised by my own reflection. This has happened to me before, but this time it was in a good way. I have really transformed my body over these past 341 days! I am really proud of myself. Just writing down these words is an act of self-caring and is a sign of real growth for me.

Every morning I look forward to a little inspiration on the Facebook group, Weight Watchers, Yes You Can.  Each day, Margaret posts something that makes me think. And this morning’s message really hit home. Thank you, Margaret, for letting me share this here:

Words of Wisdom

Why is it so easy to be self-critical, while at the same time, it can be hard to celebrate my own accomplishments? This is something I’m working on because it feels better to be positive. Take today, for example, I made some very smart food choices and ended it feeling very satisfied. I used zero point foods as a base for my meals and then built in other foods I really enjoy around them. I had pistachios, cheese, a terrific cheeseburger, a hash brown and even dessert (Enlighted Frozen Hot Cocoa Bar 3sp). I can do all of this and lose weight and that’s amazing to me. My whole relationship with food is changing.


DAY 9: Name two foods you will eat today that are worthy of you.

Organic Strawberries


Trader Joe's Hashbrowns
Grilled these over the barbeque  4sp for me!