Day Three Hundred Thirty-Seven…

I’ve been struggling with work and family issues lately. Fortunately every so often something happens to counterbalance life’s stressors. This time it was my beautiful child. My daughter prepared a delicious dinner for me and the whole family tonight. This was a beautiful gesture; one that has left me feeling very loved. There it is again, food and love. However, this time I know how to manage the food. What was for dinner? Well, she made spaghetti, homemade sauce, meatballs, and garlic bread. I mixed my pasta in with some zucchini and decided to skip the bread ( 14sp). I did without the bread so I could have an Enlighted bar for dessert. (3sp). While it’s true I can eat whatever I want, that doesn’t mean I can eat everything I want. I am rolling over one sp and I will have a total of 39sp  in my bank as of tomorrow.  So, yes, on Weight Watchers, I can have a wonderful Italian dinner and still be “on plan”.

#SelfLoveChallenge  Update…

DAY 8: Clean a clothing drawer or closet. Only keep the clothes you love and that you feel great wearing.


I loved many of these clothes and I am grateful that I had them when I needed them. It’s strange to go through my clothes and get rid of them.  You might be wondering if I feel nervous about giving away my bigger sizes. Yes and no. Yes because statistically speaking, the odds are stacked against me. Lots of people lose a huge amount of weight only to regain it back plus some more.  No, because it is also true that I have my resolve and this time is very different for me because my “why” is more appealing than the d


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