Day Three Hundred Thirty-Five…

I am a fan of Seth’s Blog. He is a marketer who writes these informative, brief, and entertaining posts that almost always make me think. There was a post I read this time last year called, The management of whales. A “whale” is a term that describes an online gamer who plays so much more than a typical player. When it comes to Weight Watchers, am I a “whale?” I do take advantage of everything they offer. The reason why “whales” need to be managed is that no company could sustain a client base in which everyone was a “whale”. Think about it how would it work if everyone at a Weight Watchers sat in meetings in a “free seat” that just wouldn’t work!

Free Seat

No worries, getting into the free seat is proving challenging.  However, “whales” really help a company too. They can generate a larger customer base for a company. People see my weight loss, they know I’m a Weight Watcher, and that persuades them to join.  It’s true I take advantage of everything Weight Watchers offers. However,  I also tell everyone that my 85.4-pound weight loss came to fruition because I dedicated myself to Weight Watchers’ program. I guess I am a “whale”.  So, how serious are you about weight loss journey to better health? If you are a Weight Watcher like me, do you take full advantage of the program?


Today’s challenge was to remove visible clutter from desks and surfaces. I really appreciated this task. Since I’ve been working all summer writing lessons I have been living amongst piles and piles of picture books. That’s a lot of clutter and I can handle it for a while but I have to confess it was making me feel overwhelmed. The truth of the matter is all the work I’ve been busy doing is – overwhelming at times. Organizing the work into more manageable bits does, in a manner of speaking “take the weight off.” It’s a relief not to see the piles of books waiting for lessons. I know I still have to complete the work; however, not seeing the piles does elevate some internal pressure.

2 thoughts on “Day Three Hundred Thirty-Five…

  1. I dont feel like a “whale” but I guess I am too. I’m in a free seat and still telling people it’s due to Weight Watchers. I recently had a gall bladder operation. I had no pain before. Stones were found thru blood work and Sono. Recovery was fairly easy. Three weeks later my friends asked how I felt. I couldn’t remember why they would ask. I thank Weight Watchers and my fitness trainer that recovery was so smooth. I heard so many stories that people can’t eat certain foods. But I’m already on a low fat dietary regiment. They best is I splurged and ate fried chicken without issues! 😄

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