Day Three Hundred Thirty-Four…

What are five things you are grateful for?  That is the focus for today’s #SelfLoveChallenge. I tried to pick simple things that I am grateful for. Gratitude is not limited to the big stuff like family and friends. They are the people who fill your life and keep you going. For this challenge, I wanted to remind myself of all the small stuff that is easily overlooked.

Taking things for granted is the enemy of weight loss. This is a long process, and changing behaviors is difficult. The thing is we want behavior changes to go “underground” so we don’t have to constantly be thinking about the need to track food – we just track it. I think it’s a good idea to give myself a pat on the back to remind me that I’ve come a long way since last September.  I wonder, what behavior changes have you made that you’re proud of? Celebrate it because if you don’t, who will?

On Saturday, my Weight Watcher leader, Bonnie, suggested that we look up Gary Foster. Dr. Foster is the Chief Science Officer of Weight Watchers  International. Here is a video where he explains the rationale behind the #Freestyle program.  It’s a powerful three-step process:

  1. The SmartPoints formula is designed to encourage healthy food choices that are lower in saturated fats, sugars, and higher in protein. Not all calories are created equal! Some foods are more helpful when it comes to weight loss than others.
  2. Activity is part of the process. Making it a goal to move more and to fit activity into daily life is really important. We don’t have to become athletes in order for this to count start small and be consistent. Move more every day.
  3. Self-care (or fulfillment) is essential because it makes weight loss easier. We can fill ourselves up with good feelings about ourselves. Do some things that make us feel good and strengthen the connection to ourselves.

Reflecting on NSV’s WW Freestyle Pamphlet (pg3)

  1. Think about three things that have changed since you’ve started your journey, besides your weight:
    1. I have greater choice when selecting clothes to wear.
    2. I am no longer breathless when climbing stairs or during physical activity.
    3. I enjoy eating healthy foods
  2. For each of these changes reflect on how they’ve benefited your journey.
    1. Now that I have more choice when it comes to clothing  I feel more confident because I like the way I look.
    2. I have so much more energy and that feels so good. It feels good because I feel like I did when I was younger.
    3. Since I enjoy eating healthy foods, I know this is a lifestyle that I can maintain which makes this so much better.
  3. How does it feel to reflect on and celebrate these non-scale victories?
    1. I feel in control. Having a sense of control over a part of my life that has been historically difficult has put me in touch with my sense of power. I have a great sense of agency that I am the one who is making the weight loss happen and that is the best feeling.

Final Thoughts…

Question: What did doing this exercise do for me? 

Answer: Even though I didn’t get the result I wanted on the scale this week, I feel great about me. I encourage you to try this because it helps to build yourself up. We need all the strength we can muster if we are going to see this journey through to the ultimate goal. Make today a great one! 

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