Day Three Hundred Thirty…

The summertime is made for grilling. I grilled wild salmon and rib eye steaks for dinner. I ate the salmon and I’m told that the steaks were very tasty too. It was a rough day when it comes to food choices. However, I did end today with one point to spare and that speaks to my dedication to my weight loss goals. I ate 10 points in ice cream. I knew when I made the choice to eat those points today would be a challenge. Some days the ice cream wins out and that’s just way it goes.

Words of Wisdom

Strengthening good habits and making better food choices is the thing that will get me to goal. My small goal for this week is to end it strong. I only have 5 Smart Points left in my bank. If I rollover points tomorrow and Friday I will have 13 by the end of the week. These little goals are so helpful.  They keep me engaged with my new lifestyle they make me feel like I’m making progress. I would love to weigh in and be in a new weight range. As of last week, I’m only 2 pounds away.

Summer Flowers red

It’s not about the numbers, it’s about me and my choices. I do believe that the numbers play a role in this. I do want to lose weight… they do offer validation that my efforts that are generating results.  The tricky part is not letting myself get overly involved with numbers on the scale, rollover points., or measurements. The numbers are a yes/no thing the real work in doing this is not that simple. So as I end today I am proud that I stayed in my healthy eating zone, and that I took this time to reflect on my choices.  Reflection is the key that unlocks this process. Take some time to care for yourself. You are worth it.



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