Day Three Hundred Twenty-Two…

I don’t know if you enjoy Marvel movies but Ant-Man & Wasp is fantastic! I took the kids, got a small movie popcorn with a diet Snapple and just enjoyed the show, it was a perfect summer movie.

It was a good day. I went to spin this morning and I really feel as though I’m getting stronger! I’m able to work through the discomfort and recover faster as I push myself to work harder. Then, I came home and got ready for the work, I am teaching a summer program at school. I did a very engaging read aloud with students. They practiced asking and answering questions – it’s harder than you might think. Later, we added onto our All About books. They are writing up a storm – it is quite remarkable. When you watch a child compose their thoughts on paper it is really special.

Words of Wisdom

I’m grateful that I am figuring out how to live my life and still lose weight. I wish I could just tell you how to do it. I just decided one day that it was going to be different this time around. Writing has helped me because each day I take stock of what happened, how I’m feeling, what I did well… If it hasn’t clicked for you yet, don’t give up. Never underestimate how powerful you really are. More tomorrow…

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