Day Three Hundred Nineteen…

Just because it’s Saturday doesn’t mean my body knows she has to perform. Fortunately today she did:

Now it’s time to play a favorite game. This is when I take my current weight, and subtract my “goal” weight(s) and think about the gap that separates the two. I’m either 17.2 pounds away from goal; or, 12.2 pounds away from goal. It all depends on my Waist to Hip Ratio (click Day 315  for more information). Then I like to picture what those weights represent. That puts those numbers into some kind of context I can understand. I go  to Weight and Things  Here are my favorite results:

That’s how I roll – roses, and Darth Vader! I imagine giving away a dozen roses or unmasking Darth Vader every few weeks. Neat, right?

Being this close to goal is hard to describe. I just hope that when I get there, I feel as good as I do right now. The closest analogy I can think of to describe my feelings is that it’s similar to looking forward to a favorite holiday.  I am filled with anticipation and hope, I think I know what to expect but I’m not really sure and that’s part of the fun of it. Being on the journey now that goal is in sight, feels like I’m making those last minute preparations leading up to Christmas – the shopping, the planning, the fun of getting ready. I feel that same warmth as I do when I know I’ll be around family and loved ones.  It’s strange but that really describes how I am feeling at this point in my journey.  There is nothing but love and gratitude because the gift I gave myself is better health and wellness. I always believed I could do this and now it’s really happening.

It’s not that I think getting to goal and achieving eventual “lifetime” status is a static destination. I know that in order to maintain my weight loss, I will always have to work at this – I’ve made my peace with that reality.  That’s alright. For today, right now, I am just so happy to be where I am at this moment.

If you are feeling discouraged, I understand that pain. Just don’t give up. There will be better days ahead. If you are in a good place, don’t deny your own happiness. It’s not like you’re jinxing yourself by being happy.  Weight loss is complicated because human beings are complex. It’s a journey you are worth every step.




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