Day Three Hundred Twenty…

A commercial came on TV about a weight loss program, and one of the selling points for their program was that there were no meetings to attend. No need to weigh, measure, or track food. All you had to do was to buy their products and you would shed your unwanted pounds. That is crazy to me. Not only does Weight Watchers offer education, but it also provides an opportunity to grow within a community of others.

New Habits

At my Weight Watchers meeting last Saturday, we had a discussion about why we get stuck on our weight loss journey. A member was sharing her story, and couldn’t name why she was not making progress. Another member pressed her to consider her “why” and she had such a clear honest moment of reflection when she said, “I really don’t know why I want to do this.” That is such an important moment because it’s the answer to that question that makes weight loss possible.

Words of Wisdom

This is a deeply personal journey.  So yes… I really really have to vest myself in the process.  No one else can tell me why I want to lose weight. I am like all of you, magazines, styles, and trends all have the power to make people feel bad, but that is not helpful. Even society as a whole can put on the pressure to lose weight, “fat shaming” is an ugly reality in today’s world. That definitely won’t help, it only makes it worse. Weight loss happens when the person is ready to make a change. Getting ready involves getting real with “why”.


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