Day Three Hundred Sixteen…

I’m thinking about a question that my leader, Bonnie, asked us at yesterday’s Weight Watcher meeting: How are we going to handle the summer and our weight loss goals; were we going to be “full throttle” or “loosey goosey”? This is a very good question. I am dedicating myself to reaching my goal and I’m closer than I’ve ever been.  So engines revving, I’m ready to take that last turn to break away and make it across the finish line. What does that mean? It’s the everyday decisions that will get me to goal.

Words of Wisdom

We had pizza for dinner tonight. It had a thin crust which actually makes a big difference because when I weighed my slice, it came up at 11sp (as opposed to 17sp). So, for pizza, that’s a deal. It was really delicious, and it used up all of my remaining points for the day.  As I went into the kitchen to put my plate in the dishwasher, I thought about having another slice. I paused, and thought, I can have another slice… or, I can just stop and get to goal sooner.  I was not hungry anymore; if I had another slice, it would have been for  the taste of it, not the need to eat. These are the day-to-day decisions that are helping me to be successful.

Words of Wisdom

My search for beauty continues. Every season has something to hold dear and right now I am loving summer. For me, summer is all about fragrant breezes, color, and life and the more I look for beauty around me, the more I appreciate it in myself. I think it’s very important to show love and respect for ourselves as we continue on our own journeys.

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