Day Three Hundred-Fourteen…

Summertime and the Avett Brothers make perfect sense to me. They were as good as I thought they’d be – just all inspiring, good times were had by all, and it was nothing but fun. These brothers and their bandmates are all so talented and the crowd responded in kind.  Everyone seemed elated, people were dancing, and everywhere I looked I saw smiling happy faces, there were families and friends embracing, and singing along. It’s the lyrics that draw me to this band. A common theme that I take from their music is one that underscores gratitude, love, and an appreciation for the beauty of life.

I sang along and danced and let go and that’s a good thing for me. I tend to be more conservative.  I am grateful for such a fun time – and for the (medium) concert shirt!

Why do I write? I think it’s being a writer that makes me more aware of life and how it’s being lived. Taking a moment to be an observer is a real gift. It makes me connect to a moment that makes me feel alive.  Finding the right words is honoring life – to what end? I don’t know it just feels right. Maybe it’s trying to reach out and be part of it all to share our humanity. I think I am better when I  understand the connected nature of my life to others. Life is temporary, it is beautiful, and it is meant to be lived. I know deep stuff for Friday morning… this blog is a place for the truth and that’s what I’m thinking about.

I’m also thinking about my weigh-in day. I’d be lying (and I did say this blog is a place for the truth) if I said I didn’t care what the scale says. I’m going to buy a measuring tape today to find out my waist to hip ratio.  I did it using my husband’s measuring tape (the kind construction workers use) and I don’t think I did it right. Why bother with this? My health is a driving force for this journey, and while I can stop aging I can make choices that promote a better sense of wellbeing. Typically, health is the kind of thing I don’t think about until it’s a problem. I’m trying to change that mindset by taking positive steps whenever I can. I wonder, why are you interested in making this change?

I’m closing out this week thinking about goals and how they change over time and what that means. I went straight to Google (because who doesn’t these days?) and found an interesting blog post by Chris Guillebeau, @chrisguillebeau How Goals Change Over Time and What to do About it.  He makes a great point about goals and intention in his piece. If a goal is really important to you, nothing can deter you from achieving it. If you find yourself losing interest maybe it’s not the right goal for your right now. Great point!

I know that when I am fixed on a goal, I think about it all the time. That thinking clarifies my intention, it makes me strategic and grounded. Growth is a process, and changing a goal is part of it. I really like this quote:

“Life being short, you might as well spend your time working toward something you truly believe in.” –  Chris Guillebeau

What I believe is the foundation for my goals and future goals:

  1. I believe in the transformative power of writing.
  2. I believe that happiness is intertwined with learning.
  3. I believe that it’s important to always be open to love.
  4. I believe life obliges us to find and celebrate beauty.

When I think about it, I have tapped into all of these beliefs when I embarked on this journey. Maybe, these core beliefs and a springboard for other goals once I achieve my weight loss goals. My next goal (when it comes to health and wellbeing) will be “maintenance”.  How will these beliefs inform that goal? I’m not sure, but it’s exciting to think about. I’ll let you know.

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