Day Three Hundred-Eight…

Back to Basics is my take away from my morning Weight Watchers meeting. This blog is a place for honest reflection and I have to say, I am disappointed with this week’s loss. Numbers are just data, by no means do they define my worth. They do inform my progress though, what do I really want? I want to get to goal. I want to be at a healthy weight and what I’m doing is not getting me satisfactory results.  Last week I gained .6 this week I lost .4  so after two weeks I’m still up .2. That’s not going to cut it for me.


How am I going to go back to basics every day and not just today? It is one thing to be motivated after a meeting, it’s another to keep it going throughout the week. After a meeting, I feel focused and validated. I just spent an hour with other people who share my struggle. We celebrate and commiserate and knowing that others are doing this with me helps so much. Now I’m back home, feeling kind of shortchanged and a little sorry for myself. That’s not helpful.

Words of Wisdom

What is helpful is to name my goal and to have actionable steps to measure my progress

GOAL: I want to go back to basics this week.

  1. Stay within my points range every day.
  2. Get activity three to five times this week (walking, biking, spinning, yoga).
  3. Cook and prep foods so I have some variety.
  4. “Forward” Researve a spot to reflect on my goal every day.
  5. Do a little research each day about goal setting.

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 1.06.06 PM

When is the best time to begin a new goal?

As it turns out some days are better than others to start a new goal.  According to research, I article, The Best Day to Start a Goal,  there is a “temporal landmark”that signifies a chance to start again. For some people it may be a Monday because that starts a new work week, for others it might be New Years or the day after a birthday. For me, my best day to start a new goal is today weigh-in day!

If you’re a Weight Watcher today is the day when your points reset, you’ve weighed in and know your results, and you’ve attended a meeting where hopefully you have a moment of reflection and a motivation boost.  I invite you to consider what day is the best day for you to begin.



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