Day Three Hundred-Five…

Happy 4th of July! I am celebrating our nation’s independence wearing a size four!  I’m so proud of myself for making this happen. I always thought that I was just meant to be a larger size, that my bone structure was big, and that my frame was such that I was built that way.  It turns out that isn’t true – not at all. That was a false belief. Knowing that I am the one who made this happen makes me feel proud but  I don’t think I could have done this without being a member of Weight Watchers.

In many ways, independence and freedom are sort of the tenants for this plan. The plan has afforded the independence to personalize this plan so it works for me. That means I have all the options in the world to select foods I like to eat. It gives me the freedom to eat what I want and still be successful. Learning how to eat healthfully and in moderation is the biggest reward. I think it’s like I’ve rewired my brain (Day 167)

Click Here is the Freestyle_Zero_Points_Foods List

Some people may say that Freestyle has mixed reviews. On this plan, we don’t have to weigh and measure any of these Zero Points foods.  However, I still weigh and measure my foods (with the exception of berries, and non-starchy vegetables). I suspect the reason they made this change is because it takes some effort to weigh and measure food.  I’m a realist and I know that potion control is an issue for me. It will always be an issue and so it has to be part of the process. If people are not having success, are most likely eating more than they think. Weighing, measuring, tracking these are the habits I needed to make part of my life. It’s an easy tradeoff I’d rather feel like I do right now than I did before. Also, aren’t I worth a few minutes each day? Well, so are you. Wishing you success on the journey.

Happy Birthday, America…

Certainly, who we are and what we want to stand for as a nation are important things to consider. However, before we can look forward we ought to look backward. My father was a gifted History teacher; as is my brother.  I think it is very important to remember the words that gave birth to our nation.


4 thoughts on “Day Three Hundred-Five…

  1. I had an “aha!”moment when I viewed the segment on neuroplasticity! Thank you! I had the frank realization that I do not follow the WW program with fidelity – which has resulted in not really acquiring new habits of mind! So – continuing on with the goal of tracking, tracking, tracking. Great post! (PS- the realization extends to other areas where I “hover” and remain a “wanna be” instead of a doer!! Hmm – the possibilities await!!

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