Day Three Hundred-Four…

I’ve seen women I work with sipping detox shakes made with kale, melon, and carrots. All I can think is “Yuck” They are on ultra strict diets that don’t allow for carbs, sugar, or fat. To that, I say, “What’s left?”  While others I know count calories – you know, “Calories in and calories out.” True, but how many?

When I wasn’t sure how to begin, it was so overwhelming to get started losing weight. I remember not feeling like this would never happen. That’s such an awful feeling, thinking I ‘m not even sure what I’m supposed to eat, Then, the inevitable, I might as well eat what I want. Whenever I ate whatever I wanted and I’d gain more weight.

Words of Wisdom

So as I reflect on where I’ve been, I can really appreciate where I am now.  There are challenges and some days are hard. However, I’m so grateful that I’m at a place in my journey where things are “clicking”

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