Day Three Hundred…

Weight loss is a personal journey. No one can make this happen for me; it begins and ends with my resolve to make a change. The truth is I’m alone in my kitchen and no one would see if I had an extra sip of something or few more pieces of that,  or if I say, I’ll just have a little taste. My choices are just either helpful or not helpful. I have to cradle my ultimate goal and keep honing my healthy habits. It’s not glamorous but that is the reason I’ve been successful. I need to say this, again and again, I am making am making it happen. and that feels so good.  I have a lot to be grateful for too. The community of friends that I learn with each week during my Saturday morning Weight Watcher meeting. My family, especially my sister, all encourage and inspire. Just knowing they are there for me helps. 

My Week In Review:

It is the night before weigh-in and I’m thinking about my week. I stayed within my points range every day except one. This is great news because it has been a busy and stressful week. I met my activity goal for the week and that makes me feel happy. I did go to spin today at 5:15 am and I feel really good about that too.  So I am feeling confident on this, my 300th day of daily reflection, and commitment to getting to goal. I’m not there yet but it’s coming one day soon.

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