Day Three Hundred-One…

My Week in Numbers

Some weeks are like that. but I feel confident and happy. I am down 82.2 pounds and I am in control and have the freedom to eat what I want and still get to goal. I went to the movies tonight and snacked on cucumbers, a Mini Babybell cheese, 1/3 cup of pistachios and 1/2 of a York Peppermint Patty. It might sound weird… but it works for me. I didn’t eat any of the movie popcorn but that’s ok because I didn’t miss it. Later went to dinner and I ate two tacos from Del Fuego and they were so delicious. I’m scheduled for spin class tomorrow morning and I’m really looking forward to going. This is the whole point, changing my lifestyle to a healthier one.

Words of Wisdom

I’m thinking about how much my perspective on this process has changed. Not long ago the .6 gain would’ve sent me into a tailspin. My thought process would’ve gone something like this, “I did put in a lot of effort this week, and not getting rewarded on the scale feels like a rip-off.” Acknowledging my emotions is an important part of this; however, this week I didn’t feel or think that “old” way at all. I’m just so grateful for where I’m at right now. Right now I feel amazing.

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