Day Two Hundred Ninety-Seven…

I can’t believe what I’m about to write, because my attitude about getting in activity is so radically different from it once was.  Beginning my day at 5:15 am spin is really helping me on many levels. This is the part where you might ask, But how? Why?!  The longer I do this, the stronger I feel. Regular activity helps my mood and gives me an energy boost. I know people who attend classes regularly and they know me! I like being part of the group. Now that I’ve lost such a significant amount of weight, getting in activity is helping me to appreciate my body and what it does for me. I am grateful and I think had I not gone on this weight loss journey this would have been a joy that would have remained elusive to me.

After spin, I bought myself a large coffee and went for a walk through town. The park was full of people walking their dogs. I heard jabbering birds, and saw squirrels jutting in and out of trees. People looked content to be there strolling along the concrete tree-lined paths with their dogs. Their dogs even looked content, all noses and tails so full of curiosity. People even smiled and said, “Good morning.” Again I  feel grattitude this time for living in a small town, being the recipiant of these brief acts of  civility. My walk gave me a sense of peace and satisfaction in a way that surprises me. I casually snapped pictures because I wanted to capture the day so I could hold onto it and remeber how it felt.

After the walk, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things. Again, I had to take stock of how much has changed. The foods I look forward to buying, the recipes that I want to make have all changed.My basket was a wash of colorful fruits and vegetables. Zero point foods, and other lower point options found their way into my cart. Flavored seltzers, and chocolate hummus are both items I”m looking forward to trying.  Learning about healthy food options, portion control, while maintaining a strong sense of belonging.

A fellow Weight Watcher member messaged me on Connect to share that Geneen Rothhad reccommended writing down three things you are grateful for every day. She said that when she did that everything improved for her. I believe it, having an open grateful heart is an incredible gift. Take moment to consider what three things you are grateful for, write them down, and see how things change.

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