Day Two Hundred Ninety-Six…

I’m thinking a lot about mindful eating. It’s a topic that we touch on at Weight Watchers and I think I could benefit from learning more about.

Mindful Eating

I’m not sure but my first instinct when it comes to mindful eating is that it’s not feasible to eat mindfully all the time. Plus as you can see from my featured image I broke the first tip about turning off technology prior to eating! However, feasible or no, it’s a good idea to be more intentional when it comes to eating. Ever eat something and then look down at your plate and wonder where it went? Bummer.


I have a lot of work to complete over the next few days and I really want to try to carve out some time to appreciate my food. I also have decided to keep my 5:15 am spin classes in place because I think it’s a good way for me to get a jump on the day. I just feel better when I can be active. I did find some time to go for a walk with the best dog ever…

Sweet Sadie
Yes, I know she needs a bath.

So what do you think? Are you up for a challenge to eat more mindfully? Let’s see how we do this week. I think this is the right goal for right now.

I’m pretty sure that Geneen Roth is informing some of what Weight Watchers is publishing in our Weeklies. I read her book Women, Food, and God some years ago and found it to be a very helpful read. Here is an exercise about mindful eating called,

Geneen Roth’s Raisin, Chip and Chocolate Exercise

You might feel silly doing it but treat it like an experiment and see what happens. It is a great way to kick start mindful eating. I found it to be interesting and worthwhile I wonder what you’ll think! More tomorrow…



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