Day Two Hundred Ninety-Four…

My progress this week towards goal (according to the scale):

Copy of moody river

I’m really happy about that -.4 because (truly) it is all going in the right direction. Plus, I’ve got other numbers to be happy about like the size 5 jeans I can now fit into, or the number of minutes I can spin without getting winded, or my blood pressure. These are all numbers to smile about.

Our topic this week is about body image and that’s a serious one because so many of us have issues with our bodies. Which is really sad because the more positively we think about our bodies the more likely we are to experience weight loss success. Of course, it works that way! It’s strange sometimes my mind hasn’t caught up with my body on this journey. When I shop for clothes (sometimes) I feel like an imposter. I really can just try on a size medium or a pair of jeans and there are choices to choose from that is amazing to me. So… my featured image are bags of clothes that I am donating because they no longer fit.

Marie, a member of my Saturday morning Weight Watchers tribe really said it best, she talked about how we should all have gratitude for what we already have and I totally agree. Being happy with what I have is as important as having future goals that I want to achieve. Being able to clean out my closet and donate clothes is an example of one of my (once) future goals that have now come to fruition. I hope that the next people who try on these clothes will feel really good in them and they will be grateful for their bodies. This is good advice for us all.

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