Day Two Hundred Ninety…

I may not have beat my countdown clock to get to goal but today, officially marks the day where I no longer have any clothes that don’t fit me:

I feel amazing about fitting into this shirt. Wearing this shirt represents a long-term goal that has come to fruition. Wearing it now gives me a great sense of accomplishment. I never thought I’d fit into this shirt EVER! It’s just so remarkable.

I’ve been thinking about my progress and how I’m making this happen. It sounds so unlikely but it’s the little goals that are getting me there, it’s the small attainable goals. If you’re wondering what that looks like, an example is my current short-term goal: to roll over points two days in a row. So far, I rolled over 4 points yesterday and am on track to roll over another 4 points today. It’s not really about rolling over points it’s about setting my mind to something and making it happen.

Spring at goal
This is what greeted me when I left spin class this morning.

Try it, you’ll see it’s a great feeling. What short term goal will you set for yourself?  Once you have one take an extra moment to write it down. Why?  Your goal is more likely to happen when you write it down. Before you know it you will accomplish something big. Something that you may not have thought you’d be able to make happen and that is an amazing feeling.

Words of wisdom

2 thoughts on “Day Two Hundred Ninety…

  1. Jen…You make the shirt look beautiful…I love that happy smile…It is so worth the day by day determination…
    Hope to see you in your “Happy Shirt”

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