Day Two Hundred Eighty-Eight…

Old habits are very stealthy and can creep back in. I noticed myself slipping up today. I wanted ice cream and I had some for dessert but then I had more. I tracked it and owned it and now I am done with my extra points for the week. It’s not so much the ice cream, it’s the behaviors of wanting more. I think the behavior warrants my attention.


The thing is this journey will never be over for me. I know this and some days more than others that truth can be hard. Sometimes I wish I could just be like everyone else and just eat what I want without over thinking it. Then again, everyone struggles with something. For me, food will always be something I have to be careful about. I am learning more, but I still have more to learn.

Words of Wisdom

I went to the beach and had a nice time. I am so appreciative of my new found energy and overall sense of wellness that my weight loss has afforded me. This is worth the effort, I am worth the effort. More tomorrow…


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