Day Two Hundred Eighty-Seven…

I was standing in line at Panera, searching for a cookie that would not break my SmartPoints bank for the day.  Yay, I thought I can have a Petite Chocolate Chip Chipper Cookie for 5sp! They probably won’t have Chocolate Chip Chipper Cookies My inner thoughts grumbled and I actually felt my eyebrows furrowing

My eyes swept up and down the glass case. It was clean, shiny, and presented the bakery items in a most appealing way. There it was, a Chocolate Chipper Cookie and there was only one left. Wow, I thought that looks pretty substantial that’s not bad at all for five points. I promptly ordered it up, paid for that and my son’s ridiculous Kitchen Sink Cookie. No sooner had I got to the door to leave when I turned to David and said, “Wait, that sign didn’t say ‘petite’ did it?” 

That’s the way the cookie crumbles, The regular Chocolate Chipper Cookie was not a good choice for me at 18sp. Then I tried to rationalize by breaking it in half (8sp) still a no go, then into a quarter it would be 4sp and that wasn’t worth it because I know I would’ve wanted more. I had myself a pity party and wined and complained saying how unfair it was that they made a cookie so many points. If you’re on this journey you’ll understand this special kind of disappointment.

Then, I thought of my husband working all day and said to my son, “Looks like daddy is getting a cookie.” I put it into the cool box and I drove to Dairy Queen. I bought myself a fudge bar for 2sp and enjoyed it immensely. To be clear, it didn’t look at all like this picture:

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 5.17.55 PM

This was the right choice for me today and that’s all that matters. These are the day-to-day choices that I have to make if I want to get to goal. Yes, it’s the beginning of the week, and I could’ve had the stupid cookie. The thing is, my why is more powerful than, my desire to eat the cookie.

If you’ve never experienced Long Island in the summer, you really ought to come and visit because it is magical. This place is a summertime baby. It is so picturesque and it just calls out to barbeques, cocktails, beaches, and laid-back good times. I went out last night to enjoy some music from a local band. I was dressed in sandals, my size 6 jeans, and a flowy shirt with fancy sleeves and a flowery design. I felt pretty. I felt confident. I felt comfortable in my own skin. That is all part of why I am doing this. This is how I was able to say no to the cookie and yes to the fudge bar. It’s not about depriving myself of foods that I love, it’s about giving myself the gift of the body I want to have at this phase of my life.

So if you are struggling go back and think about what you really want. Write it down, hold it close to you that is really how you get the motivation to get goal.

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