Day Two Hundred Eighty-Six…

Right now I am grateful for sunny skies on a Friday in June, as I take a few moments for myself here in my cheerful yellow bedroom and to reflect on my week.

Words of Wisdom Contentment

Things to celebrate… I made great choices when I went to the retirement party last night. In terms of food, I decided which I’d rather have, pasta or dessert. Dessert was the winner.  In terms of activity, I made the choice to dance instead of standing on the sidelines. Unfortunately (and this makes me a little sad) this would probably not have happened 81 pounds ago. And when I saw someone smirking at my lack of rhythm I just smiled back because I just felt happy. I can’t help but think about something one of my students shared. He told me that his dad tells him to “Choose happy.”  Very wise, and good advice for us all.

Yes, I choose happy. Even when there are stressful times and when I find myself struggling with one thing or another. Today was a brutal day at work, and there was more than enough stress to go around. It’s not personal it’s just stuff I have to get done. However, I’m proud of myself for becoming more comfortable with delegating work to others. That’s something to celebrate as much as my good choices for weight loss because that means I’m growing.

I think things are opening up for me on a bunch of different levels. To me, it seems as though I’m all in on this amazing weight loss secret. It’s like when you discover something obvious that you missed because you were looking at the wrong thing. Then when you see it you can’t believe you didn’t see it before.

But then again, maybe it’s not so obvious. Maybe you have to be willing to take the journey and it has to be revealed to you over time. Last night one of the retirees introduced me to her mother. She is a lovely woman who is also a Weight Watcher, she feels stuck and said, “How’d you do it?” I started to talk about the program and how when I really followed it I lost weight, but more than that it’s the motivation to keep going. I talked about how writing makes it possible to keep me in touch with my “why” She listened but I think she was counting the white ball she was missing the gorilla.

Self-awareness is a product of growth. Whether it’s admitting when you make a mistake or discovering something really amazing about yourself. It’s about being open to learning and change. What do you think? Are you ready to make a change?

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