Day Two Hundred Eighty-Two…

Over the weekend, another Weight Watcher member (you know who you are) and I talked about how hard it can be to have the “conversation” with family members and friends when it comes to weight loss.  Well-meaning spouses, sisters, brothers, or “besties” who try to be supportive and the words just come out wrong. They say things like, “Can you eat that?” or, “How much more do you have to lose?” or a personal favorite,  “You’re losing weight again?” 

I think that it’s really important, to be honest when people inadvertently say something insensitive. Instead of saying nothing, and letting these stray remarks bother you – let it go and tell people what you need. I think part of the reason I gained so much weight, is because I would constantly put my needs last. So that got me thinking… What do I need?

  • Supportive listening – letting me talk out my feelings.
  • Kindness –  showing me love and care.
  • Trust – knowing that I can do this and it’s not necessary to question my actions.

I think just these three examples would go a long way to turn around a bad day into a good one.

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