Day Two Hundred Seventy-Five…

I have a very long commute to and from work. It’s the end of the year, and many things are pressing down on me. So, today when I got home I quickly changed and went for a walk outside. My husband and I (and Sadie of course) went for a walk around the block.

The sun had broken free of the clouds, the air was unseasonably cool and it was very pleasant for walking. I let myself daydream along the way, I thought about one of my favorite characters, Elizabeth Bennet, telling Mr. Darcy… “I’m very fond of walking.” Then, like a coin turning in the air, my mind moved to another favorite character,  I thought about Daisy Buchanan, “I hope she’ll be a fool — that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.”  I looked up and admired the world adorned in springtime. The sun was casting shaddows and illuminating the canopy of new leaves. I do love trees, they are so steady and the word stalwart came to mind, then I remembered a poem I wrote once where I described them as “Stalwart sisters…” I thought about how we rely upon trees for fresh air, shelter, paper… stalwart…

This post is being writtent to remind myself that it’s important to day dream. To let my thoughts meander.  It’s good to keep it light sometimes – more than good necessary. The world is full to the brim of situations, obligations, and implications and if I let them those thoughts will take up residency and that will be the driving force of my interior voice. Not helpful.

This journey is about taking care of me so I have the stamina and fortitude to take back my health and wellbeing. It’s working, I am doing this and I feel the difference. It’s funny though, because just the simple act of walking, and daydreaming can have an ennoumous impact on how it’s going. So, I invite you to take a walk and let your mind wander. See where it takes you and examine what you eventually come to think about. My bet is that you will enjoy yourself, and be surprised along the way. More tomorrow…

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