Day Two Hundred Seventy-Two…

A Small Moment During Kindergarten Orientation…

“You don’t really want to go on the bus, do you?’ Outside the rain poured like steadily. They stood together holding hands, silhouettes standing in the middle of the double metal door frame. “I do,”  she said as she pushed up her pink glasses on her tiny nose looking up at her mother with great determination.  “I want to go on the bus.” Her mother looked down at her and smiled widely, “Well ok then.” Her mother carefully pulled up the hood of her Minnie Mouse raincoat and then, slipped on her own hood and they were on their way to the yellow bus.


I was a witness to this small beautiful moment during Kindergarten orientation. It made me think about how we do all kinds of inconvenient things for our loved ones. We will go out into the pouring rain, but we are reluctant to take some time out to pack ourselves lunch. Why don’t we go out of our way to care for ourselves? Why don’t we put our own needs out there for others to be responsive to for us for a change? I think these are important things for me, and anyone else on this journey to better health to think about.

Words of Wisdom

I weigh in tomorrow. I had a great week, and I feel amazing. I am comfortably wearing a size six with a medium top.  I feel lighter, and that is remarkable to me. I didn’t realize how hard I was working just to be in the world 77 pounds ago.  There is nothing like having the energy to do the things I want.  Honestly, I would be surprised if I didn’t lose some weight tomorrow I just feel lighter…  I’ll let you know. I hope you had a good week and that you are progressing along your path to better health. Remember, you are worth the effort!

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